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Your crazy helpful business assistant.

Streamline your entire business with Comb's all-in-one software. Effortlessly manage scheduling, payments, marketing, sales, and online bookings – all from one powerful platform.

Join Thousands of Beauty Professionals Who Trust Comb

Salon software so smart, it's almost psychic.

Financial Forecast at a Glance

Within the Hive you can track your monthly appointments, project future earnings, and make informed decisions to grow your business.


Harness the power of Comb's built-in email and text marketing tools to effortlessly create and send targeted campaigns that drive bookings and loyalty.


Comb's automated tools nurture client relationships with personalized reminders, birthday wishes, and targeted campaigns – boosting loyalty and repeat business effortlessly.

Unleash Your Potential with AI

Comb's AI-powered tools help you optimize your services, craft compelling product descriptions, automatically generate service-specific forms and waivers, and take your business to new heights of efficiency and growth.

Start using Comb.

Begin your free 14-day trial now and see how easy it is to manage your business today!

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Your Business Amplified

Customize your software with an ever-expanding list of smart integrations, designed to streamline your workflow and keep your business at the forefront of technology.

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Seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow.

Comb's user-friendly design fits seamlessly into your existing processes, making the transition effortless

Designed for you,the hustler who wants to crush it.

Unleash Your Comb Hustle: Crush Your Business Goals. Comb Hustle isn't just a phrase; it's a mindset. It's about using Comb's powerful tools to simplify your business, amplify your client connections, and fuel your growth into the beauty industry powerhouse you're destined to be.


Ways Your Clients Can Pay.

Give your clients the ultimate payment freedom. With Comb, they can choose from Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, Klarna, Affirm, Amazon Pay, Cash App, and more.  Seamless transactions mean happier clients and a smoother checkout process for you.



No-shows? No problem. Comb's deposit and card-on-file features put you in control.  Reduce missed appointments and protect your revenue with simple, effective tools.


No Nickel-and-Diming, Just Unlimited Value. We believe in transparent pricing and empowering your business. That's why all appointment notifications, waivers, and form submissions are always free and unlimited with Comb. No hidden fees, just straightforward value.



Leading the Industry, Powered by Community. With 40+ features and counting, Comb is the most comprehensive salon management software on the market. But we're not stopping there. We actively listen to our community of rockstar users, constantly adding and refining features based on your valuable feedback.

Reclaim Your Time

Streamline your scheduling, automate tasks, and focus on what truly matters.


Customizable waivers for every service, protecting your business and simplifying intake.

Client Management

Comb redefines client management with intuitive tools and intelligent AI driven insights.


Simplify client onboarding, saving you time and ensuring you get all the information you need.